Farah & Farah Man of the Match: Alhassane Keita

By Turner Street, Writer
Apr 4, 2015

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (April 4, 2015) – Push, push, push. That was the theme of Jacksonville Armada FC’s offensive strategy Saturday night against FC Edmonton.

Tonight’s captain and Farah & Farah Man of the Match Alhassane Keita spearheaded that attack. He scored late in the first period (43’) but always kept a constant pressure on the defense, whether it be by shooting or setting up other players. He recognized from the start of the match that the continuous offense would be the key to success.

“The pressure the offense puts on is good because the ball does not go out to other teams’ strikers as easily,” co-head coach Guillermo Hoyos said. “The strikers live off of their goals. The goals mean confidence, and it makes it a lot easier (for the team) to work. The striker’s job is to strike and to put that constant pressure so that the ball does not come out of the defense easily.”

 “From the first minute, we said that we have to keep attacking,” said Keita. “The coach said that ‘we have to shoot today like we are angry,’ so it was just like that, 100 percent in the first minute until the end of the game. That is why we won; we did not give them a chance.”

The pressure of wearing the skipper’s armband also helped him perform.

“I was thinking ‘this is a great responsibility, I have to do everything and I have to give everything,’” Keita said. “I have to show the coach that he did the right thing.”

Even though they won 3-1, Keita knows that this match was just the first in a long journey.

“We have to keep moving. It’s not just today, this is just the beginning,” he said. “We have to keep on going just like this.”