Section 904 Backs ‘Boys In Blue’ to Milestone Victory

Feb 15, 2016

Armada FC Public Relations | Feb. 15, 2016

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – On a wild and momentous Saturday evening, the Jacksonville Armada FC pulled through, coming from behind to earn a massive preseason victory over regional rival Orlando City SC. While Armada FC head coach Tony Meola fielded a fit-for-the-test crew to defeat the Major League Soccer giants, perhaps the true “David and Goliath” narrative was brewing in the stands at Community First Park at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville.

While Orlando City supporters had a strong turnout at Community First Park, Jacksonville’s homegrown support Section 904 stood strong marching in and chanting at the top of their lungs as they strived passed the numbering opposition supporters to cheer on Northeast Florida’s team.

“It was pretty exciting because we finally had a good away supporter group to compete with,” said Section 904 President Sebastian Cardona. “The team puts it all on the field for us, but at the same time we are putting it all in for them in the stands. It is literally a whole other game being played out in the stands. So we gave it our all and winning the game was the ultimate award. That is why we do all of this.”

The dedication that Cardona and his growing group offer is nothing short of admirable. Even in the face of the largest opposition they have had to face yet, Section 904 went the extra mile to make Armada FC match days an extraordinary experience for all Armada fans in the park.

“It was the first big game of the season,” he said. “The weather was nice, we had a good rival and the banter had been non-stop since the game was announced. It meant a lot to us because of the TIFO they made last year. It was our chance to prove that we weren’t just any team and we represent a huge fan base. It was a good crowd for us, and everyone was hyped because of the victory. (It was) probably one of the best games to date.”

The “Boys in Blue” proved their worth on the field by earning one of the most memorable victories in the club’s short history. Section 904, despite being outnumbered, continued their unwavering support throughout the game, which actually began far earlier than the kickoff when the group scrambled to make a new TIFO display.

“We started at around 6 or 7 p.m. on Friday, worked until 2 a.m. in the morning and free handed the whole thing,” Cardona said. “It was pretty important because the Orlando supporters sneaked around to find out our original design earlier in the week. We knew we had to do something new because of the TIFO they made last season claiming dominance of Florida. All that and they hadn’t even played us yet.”

He added: “It was really cool how everyone came together last minute. We got right back to work and finished at about two in the morning in a one-car garage with about half the fabric hanging out of the garage. Took a while to dry as well.”

Overall, the Armada FC’s big statement Saturday night echoed around the stands and infused their supporters with a renewed purpose and vigor.

“For our group, it is more about having a great time, being a big family and supporting the club no matter what,” Cardona said.